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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 16, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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clear from day one. and every decision he made, we bought into it because of the bigger goal in mind. sacrifice is huge to have team success. we did it. >> you know, this is his sixth year with the warriors, and what we forget now in the champagne and the celebration is this is a bad team when he arrived. there were questions about could he play? who stays? who goes? they traded monte, ankle surgeries, they didn't know. nobody knew. bob tells the story of sitting in the doctor's office like this hoping that the doctor had good news and just staring at the wall wondering if the superstar player would get a chance to play and elevate to where he is now. >> thinking of greg, coming into the league, future of portland was hurt, never played a game. you saw him, you knew he was a great player, but will he get
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over the ankle issues, and then, you know, boom, we have an mvp. [ laughter ] >> instantaneous. >> instantaneous. just wave that magic wand. >> between a and b was hours and hours and hours of hard work, shooting jumpers and therapy. >> and then boom. that was boom for us. >> yeah, yeah. >> it's oh, for him. a lot more talk about the championship warriors ahead. back to dan and ana for now. >> crowds are getting routy out there. >> we have a live look, over san francisco now, moved out of oakland. this is mission and 23rd. people are just packed into the streets right there. so far, it diz not look too bad. they are obviously blocking the roadways, but we're not necessarily seeing anybody doing anything bad at this point. >> san francisco has a different attachment to the warriors this year with the plans to try to
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move the team into a new arena here in san francisco, so this is very much something that fans in san francisco are particularly excited about this year. >> we'll continue to monitor the situation and all the celebrations outside, but for now, more analysis. >> back to larry, nate, guys? >> all right. again, if you joined us late, well, where have you been? i mean this does not happen but once every 40 years. i don't know where you've been. 105-97 was the score as the warriors finished the series. i could not have lived through a game seven. i barely got through game six up 15. >> no faith. no faith. >> well, you know what? i don't have a veterans' experience like you. i'll give it up to that. talk raymond green. he said, his words, i was pathetic in the first three games of the series. triple double tonight, 16
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points, 11 rebounds, 10 assist, and a couple sweet tear drops made. >> that's something that's really interesting. he started practicing those after he went to -- had a bunch of shots blocked, and he went to practice a floater, and that's not an easy shot to master, but it took the pressure off, and what a fantastic game played tonight. he has been playing well all season, but to get a triple double in the finals, he'll never fegt forget that. >> another example of total team. you don't win a championship without green on the team. >> that's right. >> talk about strength in numbers. you see that tonight where this guy easily could have been on the bench with the lineup change. think of the mental fortitude it takes to do that. i'm so impressed with him tonight. >> yeah. it's interesting. he was the starter because david lee was hurt and out the first 25 games of the season.
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everything fell into place for the team. let's go to mike. >> it was a dog fight. we took it back to the playgrou playground. took it back to the recreation center. all that come out. that's how we did. it was not basketball no more. it was a fight. we did that. i'll do anything to help these group of guys. that's what you look for. it don't matter who you guard, how big they are, garpd over height. that's what we do it for. >> playing the music in the background. started at the bottom, now on top. when we continue on "after the game", talking more championships. i think we should talk about that. we're going to hear from joe and what he was saying a year ago to the day on this very program. that's coming
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do we have the shot back in san antonio? can we look at the crowds there celebrating their fifth championship in 15 years. joe, i know you want to have that feeling outside of oracle arena sometime soon? >> i have to be honest. i don't want to be on this show again. >> you're not the first guest to say, that by the way. [ laughter ] he was on, he was joking, but he was on that was one year and one day ago. >> that's right. that's right. >> today.
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post game show saying, i've had it with this show. i want to have a celebration. i want to have champagne and nba championship. nate, this was the guy, he came on, everyone remembers the boos in the trade, and without joe, without the willingness to do things first class and get the players and pay the money, he flipped this organization around from perennial loser to a team that will contend for a long time. >> yeah, you know, i have not heard all his sound bites, but he's never brought up that night. all he did was keep working. keep working. keep getting theplayers that they need. keep getting the coaches that they need. and it culminated in a championship, and think that as we were saying, they will be there year after year after year if nobody gets hurt. all we need to do is be healthy. we'll be back. >> you can speak to this because -- well, both of you can because you're both a part of
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the organization. it's so different now than what it was before they were in. i mean, let's be honest. >> we don't have enough time [ laughter ] we don't have enough time to go through all of the misery that the fans have been through with the organization, but i will say you are absolutely right, and part of it is that you have become the envy where other teams across the league and players across the league are saying we want to play for the warriors. this is the place you used to run away from. this is a testament to the great work done in creating a culture, and that's the word you hear over and over, creating a different culture. >> yeah, and not only the players on the floor, but the whole office. >> that's what i mean. it's a totally different feel in there. let's go to the mike with the owner. >> that's heavier than the last game. you said you would bring a world championship, and you did. did you think it would happen this week? >> we did say. we made a lot of big statements, five years, somehow we did
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deliver four years -- i was trying to stay on four years, seven months, and one day. this was the best day, obviously. i don't know how. a lot of luck, a lot of great people brought along along the way, and this is such an experience i can't describe to anybody. so great. the coaches, players, organization, all the spouses that went through this. so fantastic. i can't believe it. all our fans in the bay area, oakland. we love you, all of you. >> you talk about team, and you just said it, not just players, but the organization, everybody from top to bottom, and that starts with you. >> well, i don't know about that. i do know where it ends. it ends with all the people that did this. i mean, so many people from everywhere in the organization, 170 employees, i mean, everybody had a role, and everybody on that team had a role at some point in the year, a fantastic experience. i can't describe it. i don't know what to say. >> steve goes to the finals and wins. >> a good first year. fantastic. him, the staff, these guys are just -- i mean, feels so good
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for, you know rg all those years working in the nba to get this. still not jumping up and don, come on. >> and andre, the epitome of the team that we speak about. >> you know, we did a lot of drafting, and we got, like, six core guys on the team we drafted, but there's guys we brought on in andrew, and andre, i mean, met with him in free agency, he said, i want to come play with you guys, and i was, like, wow, that's incredible. and he -- he, you know, he left the good team to come to us, and, you know, losing the starting job this year, or not losing it, but changing the role, i mean he was fantastic. like everyone else on the team, high, high character, so proud of him. >> he does not have to kick his butt for benching him because he won the mvp trophy. >> not now. so happy for him and for everybody. >> world champion, has to be a great feeling. >> a very, very good feeling.
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thank you. to the bay area, that's the biggest thing of all, 40 years we've been waiting for this. i don't know how, but we did deliver. these guys delivered. thank you for all that you've been through for these fantastic, and you deserve this. >> that man be get cheers. another man is live, andre, your nba finals mvp. >> together as a team, just awesome formula for, you know, what we put together tonight in a championship. >> how did this team grow up during the series? >> we felt like they were bringing a fight to us. you know, game one was a good grind out battle. game two, a rebound away from winning. game three, they just -- we had a good run coming back, but they beat -- i mean, they ended the game like they were supposed to with a beat, but those first three games, they brought the fight to us, hitting us. double-doubles all over the place. diving on the ground for balls,
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first one to every loose ball. hitting us, and, we were just reacting, and i feel like these games four, five, and six, we were proactive, bringing the fight to them, and made them adjust if they could to what we did, and it worked out for us. >> mark in the middle. >> mark, espn. andre, your coaches, teammates called guarding lebron the toughest job in basketball. why is that the toughest job in basketball, and houpg have yw l you prepared yourself for the moment? >> for 11 years now. seen him every year i've been in the league. lebron does not -- lebron does not have any weaknesses or a glaring weakness, so you got to pick up on the smallest things to try to make him up comfortable like knowing what sides he looks to shoot threes off the dribble, what side he drives, one side it left more
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an, the other side is right more often. just 11 years, you just pick up the information, and i'm a basketball junkie, so i watch old players, you know, the '90s was a great era of basketball, watching that, being a student of the game, just picking up any moment. it's the 10,000 hour rule. just master your craft. >> so glad we got that because he has a book, every time he faced lebron james, he wrote down, do this when he went left, do this. it's this big at this point on lebron james. that's why he had success. let's see what's happening at the party back at oracle arena. this is live. oh, a dance party still going. this may go well into the night. i think -- should we just do the show to midnight? just keep going? we'll be right back on toyota "after the g
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the pass deflected, and coming up, throws ahead to curry, one man to beat, layup is good. >> war yoors beat the cavaliers 105-97. great rotation on defense, the steal, ahead to the pretty lay in high off the glass. the bench was so big in this, and it's being big all season long, and he told the story early of in training camp, i think, the minister of defense, assistant coach ron adams said you're the worst defensive player on the team by far. what are you going to do about it and challenged him. he with the rest of the, you know, they call it the strength in numbers squad. that was the difference in winning the championship. >> well, i mean, i don't care how good your offense is, you need stops, and they had three or four really good defensive players, but to win, you need the whole team to be on this
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same page, and that's what he did, and barbosa turned from offensive player to a two-way player. >> guarding lebron at times in the series. the brazilian blur, a lot of people would have thought, there's nothing left in the tank, but turned out to be a key free agent signing. >> you know, we just keep going and going like a fine wine. you know, veteran leadership. no, i think what amazing, you know, ron adams says, hey, be o better defensive player in the nightest way and would not yell at you, so you feel, okay, i better do it, he's not yelling. you're terrible, get better the the team takes the challenge all yearlong, and perform when they have to. do the little things. >> all of them. >> all of them, in the of 15 the entire organizationon. >> my goodness. >> the big fella. make some noise! >> he did make some noise. i think he made noise when he hit the ground too. [ laughter ]
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might have had a 3.1 magnitude quake. >> what an amazing number. that's the best number in all of basketball. >> let's go back to cleveland. >> world champion. >> world champion. sounds good, doesn't it? >> world champion. they can't ever take that away. we earned it tonight. we earned it tonight. we earned it all year. champions. >> everything in your career, this has to be special? >> so high right now, hard to cry, but i'm sure tears will come because the journey was so long, and now to be here, and the win like this, with all my brothers. man. it's love. >> it's a band of brothers too, right? >> a band of brothers. everybody contributed. everybody rooted for each other. we was all out here together rk, together as one, prevail, and champions now, bay area champions now, champions, baby, let's go, champions. >> it's for the fans too? >> the fan, the fans has been there supporting since day one,
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all the way back, man, we love y'all. we bringing it back home. >> get the champagne shower, man. congratulations. >> ha-ha, i'm so happy for them. you don't know the back story, came out of high school with a number of four pick in the draft, gruesome knee injury, just going north, south, east, and west, took forever to put back together. had a moment after the playoff series against the rockets, icing the leg. what does this mean to you, i asked, the long journey, hours of rehab, never knowing whether you'll come back and play at any level, and he paused for a moment, and you could almost see him well up in tears, and he took a breath, and he said, you know, i just didn't know that i'd ever get here. he was practically speechless like i am now. just so touched at that moment because you could tell it was from the the heart with no idea and to be a world champion now
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after all he's been through with the knee, fun to see a guy rewarded. >> no question. the people who did not get to see him before the knee injury, he was a monster, just getting ready to sign a big time contract when that happened, so i'm happy for him that he's made it all the way back. >> again, part of the whole team, the whole squad that wins a championship. it's not the player that he wanted to be coming out, but he's a champion tonight. when we continue, we wrap up the 2014-15 season with your world champi champion golden state warriors. that is a nice photo. >> oh, yeah. grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source. it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken.
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♪ da da da da ♪ da da da da ♪ da da da da ♪ da... sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. ♪ >> electrifying. when we make a good play, they bring the energy, the noise. >> it's a great, great city for sports. they love their basketball.
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they bleed hoops out there. >> puts it in. >> this is our time! ♪ >> our golden globe, say, thank you, thank you, thank you. going home in the car, and so this is totally different. this is a magical experience think of of all the fans that combined, all the fans, all the players, all the organization, the media combined to make this happen. fantastic. >> he's a riot. let's go live to mike's final thoughts. >> reporter: well, i'll tell you what, it's been an honor and privilege to be embedded with this team over the last two months, see them come together as a band of brothers and win an nba championship ring, a
10:25 pm
phenomenal run. you see the excitement from the players, coaches, owners, and tell you what, it was just a great, great magical ride, and i'm so happy for the golden state warriors. >> do me a favor? fly back another route other than chicago. there's a parade to cover friday. >> all right, buddy. see you guys then. >> final thoughts? >> 67-15, 16-4 during the playoffs. just a fantastic ride. i'm going home and having champagne with my wife. >> absolutely. that sounds like a good plan. you'll see in the parade, nate, you got, what, the turkey leg? >> turkey leg and the wave with the other. >> waving with the other. >> talking about this for two months now, coming into fruition friday. >> 40 year, and we finally have the trophy. dub nation, you're the best, you deserve this. let's party responsible tonight. >> that's a really good message. that is a really good message. it's been fun.
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it's been so much fun. we've been doing this for a while. >> yes. thanks for having me, guys, appreciate that. >> yeah, yeah, love the laugh. that is a wrap on this season, and this edition of "after the game," from us all, jimmy kimmel live is next and coverage of the warriors tonight on abc news at 11:00. that was fun. winning the same way all season, putting together many talents for victory, for they are the golden state warriors, champions of the national basketball association. ♪ >> curry, rightful pass to andre, and it's a ten-point lead, calling timeout. >> where's the fight? give them the jewelry now. curry. >> the dream season is now complete. the golden state warriors are
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live: game night." tonight -- anthony anderson. a public service announcement from jeremy lin, nick young and dikembe mutombo. plus, jimmy versus paul pierce in the dunk tank. presented by juicy fruit. with cleto and the cletones. and now, nothing but net. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, everyone. welcome. thanks for joining us for our nba game night special. hey, let's start off with something fun, because i know -- a lot of the people watching are watching in bars where the
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volume is probably turned off and the bartenders probably aren't paying attention. thaur cleaning glasses and what not. so, this will be especially for them. you will not need sound for this. hey, everyone in the bar. i know you can't hear me right now. so, here's a fun idea. it's harder than i thought. go up to the bartender and say, can you put some snu in my drink? he or she will ask, what's snu? and that is when you say -- nothing, what's snu with you? oh -- sorry. nothing, what's snu with you? it will be hilarious. it will. i promise the bartender will love it. tonight from cleveland, ohio, game six of the nba finals, golden state warriors up three games to two. they could win it all tonight. theias


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